Thursday, May 5, 2011

Somebody asked me why I hadn't said much about the beatification of John Paul II...nothing in fact!  I think everybody has said something about it, for a start.  Also I have never really been a great fan of his though I wouldn't deny his personal holiness.

The length of his pontificate and his own particular interests meant that areas of neglect, aspects of Church governance that he had little interest in, had become ever widening cracks by the time of his demise.  This is not to down-play his many talents, how-ever and there is no doubt that he brought many people into an appreciation of what the Catholic Church is and what it stands for.

When I think of what it means to be a Catholic I have become increasingly aware of what a privilege it is and how lucky I am, despite having doubts about many aspects of Catholicism.  I am sure that a healthy agnosticism is a necessary component of religious faith.  How can you have faith if you do not doubt?

A group of young Spaniards sum it up for me.  They produce a number of short films every May to remind us of May as Mary's Month and to encourage the Rosary as an aid to personal spirituality.  This one says it all

I've included some other May Feelings in the Video Bar to the right.

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