Monday, April 8, 2013

Holy Week and Papal Appointments

Holy Trinity Braamfontein
Now Holy Week is past and catching up with work is almost complete I can catch up with Pope Francis and  a number of other things. In Holy Week I alternated between Holy Trinity, Braamfontein - my normal church - and Blessed Sacrament, Malvern.  They are two very different churches.  Trinity is Jesuit, liturgically excellent, musically superb and our new organ makes a huge difference as it is much more versatile and has a much 'brighter' acoustic. Blessed Sacrament is more conservative theologically, chorus-type music, words flashed on a screen, electric organ and much more family orientated because of the nature of the parish.
Blessed Sacrament, Malvern
Both churches have big congregations and have to deal with the overflow at this time of year.  I find them both satisfying churches to attend but in different ways though the music at Malvern would probably drive me nuts if I went there every week!  When you look at the words of these chorus-type hymns they are so noticeably egocentric and all about "Jesus and me" where as the hymns we sing at Trinity are much more communally worship orientated and 'I' hardly ever figures in the wording..."Hail the day that sees Him rise..... "

Pope Francis  
Thank goodness we live in the developing world and have more things to worry about than Canon Law and who's feet should or should not be washed on Holy Thursday!  I am amazed and saddened by some bloggers, Rorate Caeli is just one example, and their "Horror" at the election of Pope Francis..though they
subsequently attempted to distance themselves from their 'correspondent' by saying it wasn't their opinion.  I really find our new Pope's approach very encouraging and his appointment on Saturday of Fr Jose Rodriguez Carballo OFM, the Minister General of the Franciscans, to head The Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life & Societies of Apostolic Life as a step forward.  It makes sense to have a religious in that position.  Also it may ease the tension between the Congregation and the majority of Women's Orders in the USA.  Similarly he appointed his successor in Buenos Aires 15 days after his election as Pope.  That must be almost a record for appointments.