Monday, May 2, 2011

Lord Patten attacks the intolerance of secularists.

Lord Patten
Through a friend on Facebook I came across this article in the Telegraph following a lecture by Lord Patten at Our Lady of Grace & St Edward, Chiswick.  Judging by the comments that follow the article he has a point though I can think of many believers who are just as judgemental.

I am always horrified by many of those who style themselves as "Traditional Catholics" whatever that is supposed to mean and their hostility towards those who may not agree with them in every jot and tittle.  Comments on the Catholic Herald Catholic Herald Blog Site of William Oddie's Blog reflect what I'm talking about.  William Oddie is not exactly left of centre where Catholicism is concerned but the comments that often follow his postings often make him look like a close friend of Lenin!  Aggressive vitriol is not peculiar to the anti-Catholic!

It is also interesting how the words 'secularist' and 'atheist'  are becoming interchangeable where-as they have completely different meanings.  It would not be possible to be a Catholic atheist but I know a number of Catholic secularists!

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