Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Radio Veritas & Hilaire Belloc

The family invasion is over and life has almost returned to normal!  The astonishing news is that I am presenting a programme on Radio Veritas now that it has it 576MW.  The Mix, 9,00 to 10,00am every Friday.  It's astonishing because of my criticism of the station when I was at the SABC and even on this blog in the past so I was convinced that I would never be approached to help them in any way.

I have presented two programmes so far.  The first had to be recorded as I was heading for Cape Town to join the family invasion of the city.  The second was live and there were a few mistakes which is to be expected.

The programme is part miscellany and part half-hour in depth interview.  The miscellany this week will include the local Fatima Pilgrimage, the 120th anniversary festival of St Joseph's Mayfair, Johannesburg's oldest Catholic Church, music with Richard Cock (that's a weekly fixture) and I always talk about a book.  The main interview will be with Fr Michael Van Heerden the Vice Chancellor of St Augustine's Catholic University.
We also talk about wine and food from time to time and there is a bottle of wine as a prize for a listener each week!......that reminds me of Belloc.

Heretics All

Hilaire Belloc
Heretics all, whoever you may be,
In Tarbes or Nimes, or over the sea,
You never shall have good words from me.
Caritas non conturbat me.

But Catholic men that live upon wine
Are deep in the water, and frank, and fine;
Wherever I travel I find it so,
Benedicamus Domino.

On childing women that are forelorn,
And men that sweat in nothing but scorn:
That is on all that ever were born,
Miserere Domine.

To my poor self on my deathbed,
And all my dear companions dead,
Because of the love that I bore them,
Dona Eis Requiem. 

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