Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Lenten Gap...Mea Culpa.......

St Therese, Edenvale
I've missed a couple of posting days through an invasion of family and Telkom attempting to get the landline functioning and cutting off the ADSL line in the process.  The family are now rushing around nature reserves dying to see nature red in tooth and claw but hopefully not red enough to frighten the children!

This has also meant a change in Church and my normal Mass time on a Sunday to easily accommodate the children.....7,30 at St Therese, Edenvale, a huge modern Catholic Factory run by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate with a school attached.  It's not to my taste but it is successful and they sing all the "Sing Hosanna" stuff that the girls obviously sing at their Catholic School in Surrey.

Easter Day we will all be going to Holy Trinity, Braamfontein at 9,30  as I am on duty then and I will be interested to see the reaction to the liturgy and the music.

Lent has been grinding on and my decision to give up alcohol has been interesting.  Up until Laudete Sunday I really felt that this was a nothing thing.  Somebody said that as it was Laudete we could have a glass of wine but I really didn't feel like one!  For the last couple of weeks it has suddenly become difficult.  I had to present a mystery wine to the Bacchanalian Society and have subsequently been entertaining family and friends with a ginger beer in my hand.  Now, in Holy Week, it is more difficult than ever.  I can remember, a few years ago, on a religious discussion programme that I hosted on the radio on Easter Day one of the panel arriving with a big bag of chocolates and slowly demolishing them...he had apparently given up chocolate for Lent and was making up for lost time!  At the time I thought it strange and certainly not in keeping with a Lenten fast and celebrating Christ's Resurrection.  I can now empathise!  Jean is having the same problem with a lack of computer games and now has severe withdrawal symptoms!

Halfway through my second assignment on Moral Theology at the moment.  It's a very long time since I did any theological study and I really battled to get started on the first assignment though everyone said I would find it easy as I had done it all before.  You need something to get the little grey cells to start working properly again and I'm finding the second one easier.  This easing yourself into systematic studying was the right approach.

A Blessed Holy Week to you all.

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