Thursday, February 2, 2012

Education and an ID Card!

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The SA Catholic Bishops' Conference seems to be saying more things than usual.  They came out with an anti-abortion statement recently and now this:

Bishops’ express deep concern at the education crisis in the Eastern Cape, urge action.

Children are the hope and future of the nation. Consequently, the Southern African Catholic Bishops, express their deep concern about the current crisis effecting schools in the Eastern Cape Province. Access to education is a matter of simple justice for each child – and it is incumbent on Government to provide it without fail.
St Thomas Aquinas
The lack of infrastructure and the rundown state of schools as well as the ‘go slow’ by teachers is putting the future of many of our children at risk. The Eastern Cape Provincial Government must take appropriate action to rescue the floundering education system, which is denying children their right to education. Otherwise the government will be responsible for perpetuating the second class ‘bantustan’ education system, and contributing to the wide divide between rich and poor
Education plays a crucial role in building up a democratic society. Teachers as key role players must put the children first and teach them by example to be engaged and responsible members of society, who give meaning and purpose in life by being agents of change for the good of all. In order to achieve this, teachers must make teaching a vocation that is marked by conscientious work, professionalism, care, love and a breadth of vision.
We acknowledge the efforts that are being made to end the ‘go slow’, as well as government’s attempts to arrest the slide to chaos. Nevertheless we call on national and provincial government to take full charge and control of the situation, work together with  SADTU (the South African Democratic Teachers’ Union) to end the impasse as soon as is practically possible. They owe it to the future generations of the Eastern Cape to ensure that the doors of learning are open to all the children in the Province.
- Issued by the Office of the Secretary General of the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference.

St John Bosco
Good for them!  We are big players in education here and it is so depressing to see so many children leave school with no hope and even those who have had their hopes raised by passing their matriculation having them dashed when they realise that the certificate is of little worth and will certainly be of little value in the job market.

When you think that we spend a disproportionately high proportion of GDP on education it has little effect.  If the Conference can come up with constructive suggestions through drawing on Catholic educational expertise and trying to ensure that those suggestions were implemented the we might get some where.

A Catholic ID Card

The Bishops of England & Wales are introducing one that looks like this and is about the size of a credit card.  "In a case of Emergency contact a Catholic Priest."

If it will fit into an ATM and show our heavenly balance that would be fantastic!

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