Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Veritas & an Evening Mass

I was in Cape Town for the Veritas Awards this weekend, flew down Saturday morning and back to Johannesburg Sunday morning.  It has nothing to do with our rather dreary Catholic Radio Station of the same name; it is South Africa's oldest and biggest wine competition.  Veritas' 21st Birthday and the slickest, best organised yet with over 400 people at a formal dinner.

Dave Hughes, NOT St Vincent
One of my fellow Catholics who has been involved as a judge and chairs the judging panel is Dave Hughes.  He was be-medalled to the degree that I thought he must be a Papal Knight at least but they were all medals relating to his drinking abilities.  For some years now he has organised a St Vincent's Day Mass, St Vincent of Saragossa, the Patron of Vineyards, 22nd January, and it is attended by Catholics and non-Catholics alike.  A very jolly day, apparently though I have never been in the Cape at the right time to attend it.

St Vincent was a deacon martyred during the Diocletian Persecution in Valencia.  Why wine?  I haven't a clue.  He also looks after brick makers and sailors, maybe wine is the common thread.  As you can see from the dalmatic he was a deacon and we know a surprising amount about him as his "Acts" were widely read in the 4th century.  Dave's initiative in establishing the St Vincent's Day Mass as an annual event is to be applauded.

The result of my trip was having to attend an evening Mass at St Theresa's Edenvale.  It's convenient to go to as you will have realised from previous trips and the Mass was fine with a good homily only to end with my least favourite sing-a-long, Shine, Jesus, Shine......what nonsensical words......

This surely makes a lot more sense....click on....anyone can join in.

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