Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hail the Day that sees Him Rise! Alleluia!

At least it hasn't been moved to a Sunday in South Africa.  I don't think that the argument for moving some of these Feasts to Sunday holds much water because if you want to celebrate them you will anyway and if it's just a Sunday Mass you won't really notice that it is any different.

Epiphany has been moved to a Sunday here and it makes a real nonsense of the 12 Days of Christmas.  I hope the Bishops have the sense to move it back as they seem to be in England and Wales.  I do like having Corpus Christi on a Sunday, though.

I went to Holy Trinity Braamfontein for Solemn Mass at 7,00pm.  It is preceded by Solemn Vespers and that has become quite a tradition there.  The Introit was sung in Latin by the Schola Cantorum, the Sanctus, Benedictus and Agnus Dei to English Plainchant and the Pater Noster in Latin to Gregorian Chant.  We sung Wesley's 'Hail the Day that sees Him Rise' with great gusto and finished with the Organ Voluntary as the ministers left the altar, Handel's Concerto in F, Allegro.
Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Braamfontein

We were all "asperged" as the Schola sang Vidi Aquam and it was nice to have the smell of incense again.  I don't understand why so few churches seem to use it every Sunday and reserve it for specific occasions when no-one is quite sure what to do!

I haven't been to Holy Trinity for quite a few weeks and it was relief to allow the music just to wash over you.  Sensibly the music for the services is printed on a little A5 sheet for each service so you don't need a book or to see things flashed on a screen.

The main Sunday Solemn Mass is usually completely full, but not tonight, only about 200 there.  Admittedly the lunchtime Mass would have been quite a busy one but still, disappointing for a Day of Obligation.  On the other hand  Holy Trinity is an inner city church and that may be the reason.

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