Saturday, April 23, 2011

Christ is Risen..He is Risen Indeed!

Just back from the Easter Vigil at Blessed Sacrament Church, Malvern.  Again an overflow into the hall with the famous Big Screen.  Music as bad as ever with the addition of a young cantor who sung the Exsultet like a pop song!

5 adults baptised, another 15 received into the Catholic Church and roughly another 20 confirmed.  The adult baptisms provoked quite a lot of laughter especially as one young woman with long blond hair had to wring it out afterwards.  And then, to everyone's surprise a couple received into the Church took up the Offertory and were married on the spot!  They had obviously been together for a long time and it was a natural thing to do....everyone clapped.  We were all given an Easter Egg and a bottle of Holy Water on leaving the church.

There are 5 Masses tomorrow so the priest will probably need a holiday.

The Vigil, despite the sing-a-long music, was very traditional.  There was incense and nothing was left out of the liturgy.  Even the translation of the Tridentine Canon was used in its entirety.  The Lord's Prayer was sung to Khumbaya (ouch) but not even the most die-hard traditionalist could pretend it wasn't a fully Catholic service.

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